The Platform to Amplify stock in a new Digital Ecosyste

Grow your shareholder base through programmatic and influencer promotion.


We target the right investors.

Working directly with growing companies in emerging markets, we create strategic awareness in the investment community.

Using new-age digital marketing tactics we programmatically target the investment community through ads, and create strategic partnerships with influencers to promote your product. Driving potential investors to a curated investor portal, we know how to nurture interested investors to purchase your stock.

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In today’s digital environment,
investors interact differently.

They engage with specific websites for news and follow influencers that they trust.

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Reaching these potential investors with curated marketing material that speaks to them directly is essential for success. Direct buys on websites are outdated, and finding the right influencers to partner with your brand is costly and time consuming.

AMP43 solves these resource problems and gets your brands the investor attention it deserves.


  • We Understand Your Buyers.
  • Offer real-time media buys.
  • Curated influencer network.
  • Turn interest into an investor community.

Our process works.

We can work around your IPO schedule. We suggest engaging up to 3 months prior to your IPO to amplify your message at the right times.

Stock already live? No problem, we can work on re-invigorating existing stock awareness too.


  1. Create Custom Digital Audience
  2. Craft Stock Positioning
  3. Create Compelling Content
  4. Programmatic Placement & Influencer Promotion
  5. Nurtured Lead Generation Program
  6. Leverage Engaged Users Networks


Programmatic content advertising.

Get featured on high profile sites like, Investor News Network, Investopedia and Yahoo Finance.

Scaled influencer promotions.

Convert interest into investment.

Send users to landing pages that deliver the right content to capture leads, and educate your leads on the market and industry and the stocks potential via email.

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Two month flight of digital advertising to amplify stock and push owned content. Creating the digital infrastructure to convert audiences.


Two month flight of digital advertising to amplify stock and push owned content. Creating the digital infrastructure to convert audiences.

Custom Enterprise

Looking for Mid to Large Cap Share Amplification? Explore our partnership with the Premier Operating System for Publicly Traded Companies.

Contact to track your investors’ buying and selling behaviours and use those insights to engage them across marketing channels.

Learn more about how amp43
can help your brand grow.

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