AMP43 Launches to Amplify Stock in a New Digital EcoSystem

Ben Dankiw
August 3, 2021
Last modified on
September 8, 2021

Working directly with growing companies in emerging markets, AMP43 creates strategic awareness in the investment community.

How Does AMP43 Achieve Growth in the Investor Community?

AMP43 is a service that helps brands grow a shareholder base that cares and is ready to invest in their products. Aimed primarily at IPO-ready brands and newly launched stocks, AMP43 offers a platform and a service to target an audience of potential investors.

By combining programmatic media technology with a new era of digital influencers in the stock promotion space, AMP43 is ahead of its times when it comes to digital execution. By amplifying the voices of curated digital investors in the influencer space, the value of new era influencer marketing is increased exponentially.

Media is no longer purchased the traditional way online through managed placements. Curated audiences, machine learning, and AI have taken over. Now, the key falls to leveraging and optimizing the platforms to follow the right strategy. Content advertising can be leveraged to generate a buzz and educate potential investors in a way like never before. 

The time of the influencer has come and has been here for some time. But how do you effectively manage this new digital ecosystem at scale? AMP43 has a built-out influencer amplification strategy that works for your company's stock. They help identify the audience and map the right influencers to your stock’s promotion to grow your shareholder base.

Getting Started with AMP43

Founded by a seasoned digital media expert growing brands online for the past 10 years, armed with a Mathematics degree, AMP43 is powered by the entrepreneurial spirit of Benjamin Dankiw. 

“The Future is already here when it comes to programmatic media and influencer promotion, it’s time for the investment community to leverage this power!” 
Ben Dankiw, CEO

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